Providing reliable vehicles for single moms. Mentoring at-risk teens.
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Helping single moms stay independent and mobile with reliable transportation.

Single moms in dangerous and vulnerable situations often have their autonomy taken away. Help restore their independence with our Cars2Moms program.


Upcoming Event

A.C.E.D. (Automotive Care Education and Development) Event

December 16, 2023

Sign up to learn important skills on how to care for and maintain a vehicle, hosted by the guys from JC Supercars!

Our Ministry

Equipping at-risk teens with skills & role models.

From a career track to future fatherhood, having the right mentors sets young men on a path to realizing their potential and being good citizens in the communities they live in.

Provide reliable transportation to single moms in need.

A car can be a life changing gift. JC Supercars and their Man-Up mentees can turn your donated wheels into dependable vehicles for single moms in need.