The problem is two-fold: 

Single moms need reliable cars. 

At-risk-teens need mentors who believe in them and teach them life skills.  

Imagine a single mom, juggling the responsibilities of two parents, raising kids without a reliable vehicle to take them where they need to go. She often stays awake at night, wondering not only how she can make ends meet, but if her kids will find the healthy male role models they need to thrive.

Here’s where JC Supercars comes in. 

Our story began years ago with a family tragedy.

Aaron Trudeau’s older brother, Shan Michael Trudeau, had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years. At age 21, he took his own life. He left behind his parents, a younger brother, several friends and a daughter that would be born 2 months later. 

From that horrific event, JC Supercars was born. 

We’re turning tragedy into triumph. We mentor teens and teach them how to work on cars. Every month, we identify a single mom in need and surprise her with the gift of a reliable vehicle, restored directly by JC Supercars and our army of teens.

close up photo of classic car


Aaron Trudeau, Founder

Aaron Trudeau, the founder of JC Supercars, lives in Arizona with his wife and four kids.  He was born in Northern Vermont in 1975.  Aaron and his older brother Shan grew up with a mom and dad who worked hard.  The boys learned the value and skill of fixing things when they broke instead of paying others for repairs or replacing them.  Their dad spent a lot of time with the boys working on cars.  This is where Aaron’s love of muscle cars and trucks began.  Aaron studied finance during college. He worked in the industry for many years while wrenching on cars in his garage in his free time.  Through the death of his brother and birth of his niece 2 months later, Aaron’s heart to help hurting people grew and JC Supercars was born.  Aaron left the world of finance and now works full-time to provide cars to single moms while mentoring at risk youth. 

Our Vision

For every single mom to have reliable transportation. For every underprivileged teen to have a real chance to thrive.

Our Mission

JC Supercars restores hope and improves lives by providing reliable transportation for single moms and weekly mentorship for at-risk teens.  

Our Values

Compassion: Our mission and vision is steeped in the heartfelt compassion we have for others.

Stewardship: We commit to being socially, financially, and ethically responsible.

Community: As servant leaders, we desire to improve our community by investing in the lives of those around us.

Empowerment: We believe in supporting and empowering others to live their best lives.

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