Weekly, men from JC Supercars, along with experienced industry professionals, teach young men how to work on cars. We start with the basics – “Can you check your mom’s oil and tire pressure? If not, you will soon! As they progress in the program, we eventually work up to full restoration of classic cars and trucks. 

We teach at-risk young men the importance of servitude, respect for women, and mechanic-specific skill sets to create a financially rewarding future. Most importantly, we find success by surrounding them with positive male role models, something we unfortunately find these young men lacking. 

Studies have shown that mentoring, consistent across risk groups, is directly correlated to a reduction in depressive symptoms. Additionally, consistently mentored at-risk youth are 46% less likely to use illegal drugs, 55% more likely to attend college, and 130% more likely to hold leadership roles in their future.

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