On March 13, 1993 a young man who had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years took his own life, never to see his 22nd birthday. He left behind his parents, a younger brother, several friends and even a daughter that would be born 2 months later. His name was Shan Michael Trudeau, my older brother.

From that horrific event, almost 20 years after his passing, we have created a nonprofit organization – JC Supercars!

To honor Shan's life, and his daugther's, JC Supercars provides reliable transportation for single moms.  We receive donated vehicles, repair them and give them to single moms in need.  We generate the funding for our mission by restoring and selling cars and through donations. Currently we give a car to a single mom every month!  With your help we can increase that to a car a week and have a greater impact. 


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Aaron Trudeau